Truck Interior Lights Wont Shut Off

Turned it back on, shut the lights off, then shut key off and truck died normally, among some choice words. If it's turned up all the way past the detent, dome lamps are on all the time.

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Parking lights won't shut off!

Truck interior lights wont shut off. (leave each door open with the switch / wire hanging out as you test all doors). I've tried changing the bulb for the heck of it also. Last thing would be disconnecting the wire from sam cab.

😮 got gassed up and when back in the truck the interior lights would not shut off! When you get out of your truck and you lock the doors, do you get whatever 'response' you have your truck set up to give (lights flash, horn, etc) the reason i ask, is because if you try and lock the doors, and a door is open, then the doors will lock, but the. The light should turn off within five minutes of all doors being closed.

Posted on oct 09, 2014. Start up the truck and notic. I have almost tried everything to fix this problem,my interior curtousy lights stay on and will not turn off.

I have even gone as far as to replace the headlight dimmer switch,door jam switches, keyless entry control module and replacing the. Spent all day today taking ground connections and harness plugs apart, cleaning, and checking for any change one item at a time(so i would be sure to know what i did if it started working). What this does is removes the graphite medal around the sensor that has build up over time.

I was working under the assumption that. If your interior lights are not turning off, you probably have the override switch turned on. Do this to every door.

Lock your truck and wait approx 5. The last time i started it, i could not get it. Also sometimes it can be the truck being unlocked.

I turned the lights off, then on and removed the light switch completely and the lights still stayed on. You have to turn your rear lights off (even if they are on, just push the power button anyways) then goto the master button by the sunroof and press it. If the light will not go off then you have a bad sensor.

Remove each door switch and tug each switch wire out; When i got home tonight, my interior dome lights would not turn off. I got my fingers crossed for you.

Open and shut each door. Discussion starter · #1 · jan 27, 2015. One door at a time to see which one causes the light to stay on or turn off.

I looked up the trouble shooting steps from gm and followed them. Yes i rolled the roller switch all the way down to the off position. When you close the door, it closes the sensor, telling the interior lights to shut off.

Doh, just thought of this.check the dimmer for the instrument panel lamp next to the head light switch. Turn the key off and remove it from the ignition. My friend has an '01 and the other day when he shut his door he noticed the lights never shut off, we tried the dial for the lights and they don't do anything, the lights now just stay on perminatley.

I disconnected the battery cable and the lights went off. But if you have an diagnosticlink or servicelink software you can diagnose it within 5 minute by manually activating or. This process relies on a switch in the door jamb that opens when you open the door and closes when you close the door.

If something happened to that sensor, than that would cause the dome light to stay on. Interior lights won't shut off and it's driving me nutz!!!! I go out and try to shut them off with the switch on the overhead console but no response in any switch position.

I tried the dimmer switch for the dash lights but that didn't work. When the interior lights in a car are working correctly, they will usually come on when you open your door and then shut off some time after you close the door. Interior lights stay on and won't go out when vehicle is locked.

The lights on the doors and the dome light or whatever its called that are only supposed to be on when the doors are open won't shut off they stay on when i am driving and when i shut the truck off! Start the vehicle and allow it to run for five minutes. When i went to shut down the truck, none of the exterior light would not shut off, the high beams will not turn on, turning signal will not work, hazard lights wont work, and the interior dash lights stay on.

If in some point you have turned off lights then trouble can come from that switch. Discussion starter · #1 · aug 19, 2009. After confirmimg your lights are actually turned off.

You should have a little plastic rod that sticks out of the driver's side door area. Now the rear passenger step lights are staying on. In my settings i have the vehicle locator lights set to on, and the exit lighting set.

When i shut off the truck, get out, and lock it, the exterior lights stay on for the set amount of time, and then shut off. It took us an hour to figure this out, lol omg! I checked the light wheel switch and the overhead switch plus the doors.doors tight!

I happened to look out the window and noticed them still on after i had locked it up. Now i did have some generator cords in the back and 1 was wedge between the seat and door but door looked fully closed ,plus i closed and opened a few times ! First is to spray pb blaster or wd 40 in the door latch.

Open and shut the door a couple of times and see if the light goes off. This switch forces the interior lights on, even when all of your doors are shut, or if you are driving. I ll start with the basics, is your light knob tuned on to the parking lights and not on auto or off ??

This is located in front headliner area and has a light icon on it. Theres 2 ways to do this. I reconnected the battery cable and they lights stayed off.

For now we just pulled the fuse but that also shuts off his radio and dash lights, has anyone ever seen this before or know how to fix it? Ok so got in my truck this morning started it up and realized my interior dome light will not shut off. Hopefully that is it so you won't have to go searching for shorted wire some where.

You can only see it with the door wide open. One of the door wires is corroded. The interior lights however just seem to stay on forever.

Have had to turn lights switch off all the time.

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